Ripley's Flamethrower not working?

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So I've been playing Aliens: Colonial Marines pretty faithfully. Sure, the campaign is crappy, and the graphics are slow to load (Although I think they've improved since DoR) and the only thing keeping me attached is the Multiplayer. Being the die-hard Alien fan I am, I pre-ordered the game and constantly check DLCs and keep up to date. But of everything I wanted most, it was Ripley's Flamethrower. And in the beginning, it was everything I could've asked for. The Pulse Rifle half took care of enemies at medium to long range, and the flamethrower was there in case Aliens got too close. But now, when I go on Multiplayer, my flamethrower part does not work. I've tested it several times, and no matter how much flamethrower fuel I use up, I don't see those molten cracks or flames that you get with the regular flamethrower. I could keep an Alien in a steady stream for a good 3 seconds (which in this game is a good, long amount of time) only to have it kill me, and then get killed only a second afterward, where the game wouldn't even reward me with an assist. So now I'm carrying a Pulse Rifle I can't even aim down the sight of and a dead weight flamethrower. Has anyone else experienced this problem? I saw someone try to use it on me today, and the flamethrower sounded, but no stream of fire came to met my Spitter. I literally stopped attacking and just watched as this Marine tried to light me on fire with no results (Until he gibbed me. Thank you Rupture for the Revenge Kill), and I'm sure this has to be some sort of programming error and not a connection one.
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I need to test it in a private match but yea it seems to be weak now. Idk why. Wtf