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So where is the talk on the multiplayer?


Everyone knew the campaign would miss its potential by a lightyear, that just goes without saying.


However any AvP fan will be wanting to know if the mulitplayer holds up against the second. Obviously we don't have predators, so how are the aliens to play? Do you actually feel like your being hunted playing as a marine? Is the combat 'true' to the films? ( I.E can I run around as a marine punching aliens in the face, or is it good? )

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I don't understand why everyone is hating so much on this game I am loving it. I think the single player holds up to the aliens franchise honestly and that going to piss some people off but idc I think it feels like an aliens movie. I just beat the campaign about ten minutes ago and loved everyminute of it. I think all these reviews came from people who were way overhyped and were let down when they played it. Yes it does have its flaws its kinda ugly and the ai is stupid but it still breeds some fantastic fire fights and scary parts. I love the multiplayer to be honest feels like what dead space 2 should have been. The aliens are fun fast and great. I am loving the different game types with bug hunt was playable right now but whatever. I'm not even an aliens fan do I like the movies sure have I seen them a million times no maybe two or three times. If you go into the game expecting a B shooter then thats what you will get. If you go into it expecting a AAA franchise game then think again you will be sorely dissapointed ask all these other cry babies. I suggest getting it if you have the money and nothing to play till GoW: Judgement.

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I am loving the multiplayer. It seems really balanced once you get the hang of how to play an Alien. Most of my games are close calls in team-deathmatch. The most satisfying part is pulling off a "signature move fatality" with the Aliens, like the hole punch through the chest or the mini-me mouth face eating, or dripping acid on the marines. It actually takes skill to pull these off. Multiplayer is also 100x more tense than the campaign because the aliens are being played by players, so (for the most part) they are smarter and work together. Same with the marines. Honestly, I think this game is worth it for the multiplayer alone. And the campaign really isn't as bad as people say. At least on PC.