Mision 9: Hope In Hadley's Ultimate Cheat - Beating The Crusher With No Damage

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CHEAT: Beat the Crusher with No Damage and with TWO sentry guns on any difficulty level.

This works on any difficulty level, allows you to beat the Crusher without inflicting any damage from Xenos or the Crusher, allows you to get the Anytime Anywhere trophy (PS3), and some challenges while taking advantage of some glitches in the game.

- At the beginning of Mission 9, get through and survive until you get to the door where you have to place the sentry gun. As soon as the door opens behind you grab the sentry gun and go through the door.

- As you enter with the door with the sentry gun in hand a new restart point is created. Refresh and restart from this point to reload your sentry gun to a full 500 rounds. Place the sentry gun down and proceed to Operations and rescuing your fellow Marines.

- After all the Xenos have been disptached and the Marines rescued, return downstairs to where O'Neal is and pick up the sentry gun. A new restart point is created. DO NOT RESTART FROM HERE as you will lose the sentry gun. While carrying the sentry gun, proceed to the next area and do not stop and immediately head downstairs and keep going around the corners until it dead-ends. At the dead-end, place your sentry gun and chill but be alert in case any Xenos come downstairs. I found that 99% they DO NOT come downstairs. Let the AI kill all the Xenos until a new restart point message appears.

- Pick up your sentry gun and head back upstairs and refill your ammo and armor.

- You now have available two full sentry guns so bring them along to the next section just outside your location where the door opened. Place both sentry guns in this location. Keep placing and picking up the sentry guns until you get to the gate where you fight the Crusher and Xenos.


- Once the gate opens, place both sentry guns near where Cruz and O'Neal stand or fairly close to the door.

- Stand on the left side of the map where there's a barrier and slowly inch forward. As soon as the Crusher appears and rams the APC, start backing up while hugging the left side map barrier until you're in the pocket of the leftside barrier fence and the entrance door you came from. If done right, the Crusher and Xeno gets stuck behind the APC. With the help of Cruz, O'Neal, TWO full sentry guns, from this left corner pocket use your Battle Rifle, Shotgun, etc. to blast the Crusher from beyond 15 meters, inflict no damage yourself, and get the Anytime Anywhere trophy while it's stuck behind the APC.

- After the Crusher is dead, start moving towards the exit while killing the remaing Xenos.

This is for the those who want the easy way out. LOL