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No game should go into it's development trying to be Call of Duty, that would be missing the point.  I started the co-op campaign with my roommate and I have yet to be disappointed.  They do a great job on all the details, albeit the graphics do not compare to a Halo or Uncharted, but the attention to detail is spectacular.  The way the facehuggers move, the sound of the tracking device, and last but not least the beloved pulse rifle.  The review was moslty **** about how easy it was; trust me, but it on badass and your work is cut out for you.  the set pieces look just like the film and the lack of lighting is genious.  One might think it is repetitive, as in go kill, open a door, do some walking, but then what is Gears of War?  Fans loyal to the movie should easily recognize the raw greatness of this game.  Nice job guys.

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I'm not all that far into the game yet myself but I've enjoyed it so far. I mean I can clearly see what people are talking about when they reference it's less than AAA-quality, of course. No one is going to mistake the production values and overall quality and polish of this game for a Halo franchise game or Blizzard title, no doubt.

I realize this isn't exactly a fair way to look at it, but I was thinking of how blown away my former self or anyone back in the 90's playing the Doom Aliens Total Conversion would be by this. If you're an Alien fanboy of any sort, the attention to detail and authenticity of the setting, and aliens etc will definitely win some points with you, as you said.

The game is far from perfect and of course I would have loved to see this produced with that AAA polish and quality, it's a real shame that it isn't. It may get way worse as I get deeper into the game... I don't know.

But as it stands now? I feel like the hatred for this game is oddly out of proportion to the game itself.