Is the A.I.of the Aliens scripted or random ?

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After seeing video`s of the game in action I was wondering if does anyone know if the A.I. of the aliens is going to be like that of L4D and Fear or is it going to be like the A.I. in that crappy AVP game ? Ive been waiting five years for this to come out I hope delvopers have taken time to see how A.I. in games has evloved the last five years and made it like the A.I. in fear and L4D. That would make the game awesome !!!!!!!

feel free to commit Thanks.

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supposevly adaptive ai, sort of like l4d, but the ai is supposed to "learn" how to kill you so say if your a shotgun whore (which is a bad idea with the acid blood splattering your face when you use a shotgun) the aliens shoudl learn that a headon strike is useless so they'd split into groups and **** you up from both ends, i cant give you a source it was in an oxm magizine i think....

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As far as i can tell the A.I. is scripted , altough it takes different movements to come at you like cealing but the places they spawn are the same.

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completely scripted and predictable. you have a motion tracker but it isn't accurate, they just jump out and run at you. you shoot somewhere near them an indeterminate amount of times and then they fall down and fade out, like in doom, you remember doom? you have an npc friend who runs ahead of you, gets in the way of your bullets (without seeming to take any damage, or any reaction of any kind). then while you're shooting one, another appears from nowhere (not even on your motion tracker) and kills you. you don't get anything that tells you which direction you're taking damage from, so you have to keep turning in random directions until you die. then you remember this pattern for the next run through. repeat. completelely linear gameplay, nothing organic, not even anything you can interact with but doors. this is not just last generation gameplay, this is last century gameplay. really sorry if you've been waiting for this, so was i, i wish i kept waiting and held onto my money, every trailer and playthrough you've seen is just marketing, they have protected this for a reason. hope this is helpful
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The AI is the worst thing about the game, the aliens don't even attack you most of the time, just run up to you and do an incredibly slow attack that gives you literally 2 or 3 seconds to melee them and stop it. They should have copied Left 4 Dead more (multiplayer feels like a clunky version of it) and had easier to kill Aliens that properly swarm you and force you back into a corner so it would actually feel tense.