Imagine if this game had actually been awesome....

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just... imagine it... imagine if this game had awesome gameplay, great atmosphere, stellar voice acting, and was a worthy follow-up to one of the greatest science fiction action-horror movies of all time.... blehhhhhh.

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I know. My wife was happy to see how excited I was for a friggin game for once. I paid in full for the preorder and now I am going to get my cash back. I have never been so disappointed in a game before. I think the last time I was this ticked off was Homefront. They hyped the crap outta that game as a modern day red dawn. It fell flat on its face with crap graphics, crap storyline, and died within a couple months. The good thing is that all these crappy games are making me get off the couch, and go outside and do something more useful. So be an optimist buddy.

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If there's anything i have learned...its that movies don't translate to great games and great games don't translate to good movies. The only exception i can think of is resident evil, the movies are actually doing far better than the game series which has gone so horrible....its disgusting. Just remembering raccoon city i wish i could strangle the devs for spoiling such an awesome series

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I just don't think it can happen anymore. The franchise has been cursed lately with the AVP movies and the last AVP game which I thought was pretty fun but not amazing.