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That a majority of the user reviews have not seen the movie Aliens.. For those who have watched Aliens, is this game purely just for the fans, or is it still a pretty bad game? I'm afraid to open my copy.
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I'm a huge Aliens fan, and the game is a horrible disappointment. There are meager attempts at fan-service but since the entire game is such a let-down, the little nods to the film are almost insulting. If you paid 60 dollars for the game, take it back. If you absolutely must play the campaign for the little references, there are ways to do that without paying 60 dollars. 

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Thank you. Returning.
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Torrent it and be glad you didnt pay for this complete waste of a game. Graphics seem 2005ish and the Hard difficulty is a joke.  Stopped playing half way through and just youtubed the ending, already uninstalled.

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I love the first two films, but this game sucks. Take this turd back, and pick up AVP 2010. SOOOO MUCH BETTER.