How Long Is the Campaign?

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NO SPOILERS!!!!!! Just wondering...
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Around 5 to 6 hours. It's pretty bad.

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#3 Posted by xCocoTheMonkeyx (425 posts) -

I finished it in 4.6 hours

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Ouch, only round 5 hours to finish the game. I know to wait for this piece of crap game to go down to $10.00 sale for sure.

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The multiplayer is the best part... it's too bad people care so much about what reviews think and miss out on it.
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Yes the MP is the best part, but it isnt very good either. You can have fun with it but you wont be playing this after 3 months. But maybe gearbox releases the best DLC ever created.

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This game is a epic fail on all fronts and only worth a rent !