How is this craptastic of a game #1!!!

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See you people are buying this even though its complete garbage. Alien Fans Worldwide won't even touch this game. Alien Franchise (Games) should go to EA/Viseral Games. Sega and Gearbox have failed. Stop buying bad games people. 

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Anyone who gets that upset about a game being on the chart because it's bad...hasn't played the game.
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What chart are you going by? If it's the Gamespot one, that's not based on sales if that's what you think. Even Street Cleaning Simulator was ranked #1 at one point. The reason this is so high is because it's being widely talked about both because of its namesake and because how much of a facepalm it is.

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Aren't things at top just those receiving the most website traffic or media attention. I for one am not surprise at the reviews being low, game looked incomplete. Best part of this all, its a Sega title, continuing the reign of Sega failing to come forward with something impressive. 

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This is not the first time that you have wondered aloud about why a game that you don't like getting #1 on the traffic charts on GameSpot, BryanParksSuper.

Is it so difficult to get the fact that the charts are dependent on site traffic into your very, very thick head?

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its number 1 in the most awful games list :)