Don't forget to help make an impact with the pending lawsuit (class action case)

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Hello, everyone! I think a lot of us can agree that this game's release was a farce and that we should stand up and help protect the video game industry from any more deceptive advertising in the future. For those who are familiar with the events surrounding this game, I'm sure you understand how this game took things too far, so we must do what we can to help set precedent in the interest of CONSUMERS, and not greedy developers/publishers who do not respect (a) consumers' rights and (b) truth in advertising. So, if you believe in the cause, please help by signing the following petition, that way, together, we can send a collective, clear message to Judge James and help influence the outcome of the current case against Gearbox/Sega for false advertising... P.S.: Please note that every time a signature is made, an automatic e-mail will be sent to all the parties associated with this case, reminding them that we are still upset over the matter and demand justice. At each court hearing, a hard copy of the updated petition will be made available to Edelson, LLC, the law firm in charge of this case, to share in open court to help influence the Judge and/or Jury. Please refer to the petition for any further information, as well as a list of supporting reasons (with evidence) for those who are unaware of the case. Thanks in advance for your help and support.