Could Gearbox redeem themselves with effective patches and free DLC ?

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It seems they released a pretty substantial patch yesterday. If they were able to iron out the technical faults with pathes and maybe come up with free additional content with more interesting gameplay (decent stealth missions for instance) could this thing still be saved or is it beyond repair?

And in case you're wondering..yes I'm looking for an excuse to still purchase the game ;)

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Dont bother, no amount of DLC is going to save this game. If your dead set on purchasing I'd advise waiting until it goes on a steam sale

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free DLC not likely, they want to make $30 off a season pass for 4 planned DLC packs... I've a feeling moral is so low they won't get done with 2 DLC packs before giving up
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I was shocked the developers were asking for such a high price tag for the season pass. I know it provides more than just Bug Hunt, but considering Bug Hunt isn't that great, I'm not about to pay the asking price for future content amounting to nothing more than a question mark.

Financing 101. You don't invest in a product unless you have a reason to believe it's a success, and right now, this game doesn't exhibit any signs of success. The multiplayer doesn't even have dedicated servers, so will the multi-player community even last long enough to justify the DLC?

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I have a feeling they release bughunt and after that a map en 2 skins packs. Hope im wrong

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If I was Nintendo, I'd be trying to bribe Gearbox to realease a perfect version of A:CM for WiiU. Wii U needs a 3rd party hit STAT. Of course, it'd piss off PS3, XBOX and PC gamers, but so what?

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Harddrive memory limitations of the Wii U do alot to convince developers to release all DLC already on the disk and unlcocked for the Wii U versions. Especially because Wii U owners are less likely to look online for DLC and games than owners of other systems. So I'm expecting it will come included on the Wii U, but not for other systems.

But its not really reason for jealousy. There is no way I'm going back to even the multiplayer for this game, whether I got the DLC free or not. I have Natural Selection 2, which is enough.

And patches won't fix everything that is wrong with the single player campaign.