AVP got bad reviews too

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I thoroughly enjoyed that game. I was a little disappointed with the Predator campaign but was happy regardless. I'm sure this game has flaws but if I have a pulse rifle and a motion tracker I'm sure I'll have fun.

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AVP 2010 was enjoyable for a few hours, but it wasnt worth the price I paid for it. Won't be making that mistake again.

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I played all three campaigns multiple times. Being the Alien was excellent. I just have no idea how they could screw up this game with the access to the sights and sounds of these films. If it sucks the joke will be on me I suppose.

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I never had any high hopes for this game, but it seems to have hit even lower than that. Apparently the campaign was outsourced to Timegate Studios which might explain a few things. I still enjoyed AvP despite the criticism it got, and I expect a similar secenrio for this game.

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I'm on the fence I actually liked DNF and AVP which both got bad reviews. SO I might enjoy this too.

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But even in the AVP games, the human campeign was always considered, in every itteration, tense, scary, and atmospheric. With the sucess of the Dead Space series, I think there was a high bar for this game to meet. That it didnt meet that bar, there is no excuse.