aliens colonial marines trainer or cheats

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I have been googling for a trainer or cheat and all i can find it those survey sites which makes me enter my personal information which i am not comfortable at all with. So does anyone of any cheats or trainers that doesn't require you to fill out that crap ?.
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Well i have been a longtime user of deviated and they have a trainer for this game here aliens colonial marines trainer but its paid...soo. Totally worth the money though, makes the game playable as it is pretty bad and there are some fun cheats in the trainer.






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cheathappens has trainers for all games and no surveys or dodgy business as well as a active community for social and problem solving and on a sidenote ive never had to look else where
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If you actually need a trainer for this game, you must be pretty bad.

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You can't be serious, i have to pay like a 100 bucks for just one crappy trainer from cheathappens ?. I don't know what their site owner is smoking cause 100 bucks for a trainer for a crappy game like this is too much. I would much rather throw this game away than pay for cheathappens, whats worse is they come up on the first page of google. **** scum i guess they pay thousands on advertising too. Oh btw, i used their trainer once that i got for free and it didn't even work at all. So thanks but no thanks. I am good.
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AVOID CHEAT HAPPENS!!! If you ever say anything that Chris O'Rorke does not agree with he will ban you from Cheat Happens, and it does not matter if it is a free membership or a paid one. I was banned after Chris O' Rorke accused me of using pirated software or so I thought he was, but when I stood up for myself and gave back what he gave to me he banned me from Cheat Happens. I could live with that but what I wont stand for is his not giving me a refund, When I asked him for it his response to me was: I have no plans to restore your account. If you can tell me the precise day you plan on dying then I can prorate your lifetime membership fee to that date and refund it. So be advised, if you do business with the Co-Founder, Business Operations Manager Chris O' Rorke @cheat and you say something he does not like you will be banned for it and lose your money for the membership and the use of all trainers you ever down loaded...