Alien on the playstation, prepared to get scared at least once or a few times.

User Rating: 8.2 | Alien Resurrection PS
It is claimed to be released too late, and yes it may have been. But if it is good does it then matter? It sure lacks at some aspects such as the repeative maps, however if you are an Alien-games-fan then you should be able to get over that, with no problems. The problem however lies in the saving, you have to get past some places to be able to save! and you can not go back to the other save place as it get's locked after you leave the place. That can leave many frustrated, many including me. But if you like the game or at least somewhat then you could also get around that too. Graphically it is one of the best looking Playstation FPS games but they could have worked more on the human characters and their animations. The sounds adds to the scary atmosphere, it adds realism, it adds tension. Tension that one can die for. If you like Playstation FPS games, sure get this and if you like alien games, then be sure you have got this game. If you are used to medium Playstation graphics then this will leave you very impressed, since as far as I know there is not any other FPS on the Playstation that has better graphics. Overall it is a 8.2/10 game