Its impossible, and its complete garbage. WOW! WHAT A COMBINATION!

User Rating: 2.6 | Alien Resurrection PS
This game is pure garbage, seriously. The only way you can beat it is, if you cheat. But im no cheater, I did my f^$&ing best. BUT GOD DAMN! THEY WONT LET YOU CHANGE YOUR CONTROLS! Gameplay:Consists of killing yourself for buying/renting this game, Thank god my friend bought it *cough*idiot*cough*. It's your basic shooter, its also scary and tense. SINCE YOU CAN DIE FROM A COUPLE F%#@ING HITS! Whenever you get infected by those crab heads or whatever, you have to backtrack to a medical center. The PS mouse is a rare thing, no one I know owns it. But from what ive heard, it doesnt work with PS Games. Graphics:Ok, the game kinda looks nice. But because of the darkness, i cant see much. So it hides how generic the background looks, the Characters look awful. Especially the aliens. Just looks like crap. Sound: Actually, ok. It sets the mood. The sound is really done well, so thats about all the good things about this game. Value: You cant get anywhere, you'll break your ps2 in the process. Enclosing: Dont play this game... it uh gives you aids... yeah. The challenge of the game is way to hard. You will never beat this game without cheats, even if you do. NO ONE WILL BELIEVE YOU! Just please, dont buy it... i nearly killed myself after playing this game... Info: Memory Card: 2 save spaces Special Controllers: PS mouse.