This Game Needed Polishing

User Rating: 5.3 | Alien Resurrection PS
Alien Resurrection needed to be released on the PS2 in order to be a good game. Making a First Person Shooter with as much detail and puzzles as this game will not turn out well with the PSone hardware. The graphics, battle mechanics, and puzzles turn out sub par because of this.

- The graphics are too dark and too grainy, gave me a headache while playing for over minutes at a time.

- Battle mechanics and weapons are not made well, difficult to aim, hard to run around when aliens are near and not die

- The controller is untypical of the First Person Shooter and has a high learning curve, its just plain weird and annoying, you can use the mouse if you have one, but you probably dont

+ Because the game is so difficult and dark, the atmosphere is really tense and scary

Fans of the Alien franchise will likely enjoy some aspects of this game, but its difficulty due to bad controls and battle mechanics will most definetely annoy and frustrate you.