A very underrated game! A great combination of survival horror and First person shooter!

User Rating: 8.2 | Alien Resurrection PS
Ressurection is said to be the worst Alien movie in the series. A great shame considering the mighty impact the original had on the universe. But then along came the video game of the movie and it was completely the opposite! One of the greatest moments on ps1!

Okay now its primary genre is FPS an although its nothing original in that sense here comes the wonderfull thing you can only really pull off in the alien universe. It unwittingly falls into the survival horror category aswell. When taking that into consideration this game is really one of the greatest classics around. You play a range of characters from the movie (starting off with Ripley) and play a range of objectives (kill failed Ripley clones, escape the hybrid alien) and the fact that the aliens can crawl on cieling and walls and leap huge distances you really got to keep your wits.

You cant get much better on ps1 and the graphics are genuinly good enough to make you **** yourself!

Really the only downfall of the game but then again the erily unnatural silence really cranks up the tension.

Overrall a great game to check out so check out your bargain bins!