A scary game at the time when I played it but fun to play

User Rating: 7.8 | Alien Resurrection PS
I remember playing this game for the play station, and when I started playing I was so scared to actually face the alien in the dark, even though I knew that I would have weapons to defend myself. But I was about 12 back then and of course I could do it now, but back then I used to be really scared of those aliens, especially when I watched the movies at night. That’s how much of a good job they did with the music and the graphics and the lighting, they created that effect on me and if you can do that to someone, then you did a good job on the video game. The graphics are dark and sinister and really added to the theme of the while Alien story. Those face huggers were the worst, you would be walking down a hall, then hear something then the face hugger would just jump on your face before you knew what happened. The weapons were very useful against the aliens, especially the pulse cannon and the flamethrower. They had a lot of characters to use, and enemies to fight. Overall I liked this game a lot and it is a true tribute to a great trilogy.