Creepy, atmospheric game which is let down by bizarre controls and being freakingly difficult.

User Rating: 5.8 | Alien Resurrection PS
I love anything to do with the Alien franchise, so I find this game strangely compelling despite its flaws.

Apart from the blocky character models, the graphics and level design are pretty standard, but everything is suitably very, very dark giving a particularly creepy atmosphere. The decent sound design also helps make the game, if anything, rather sphincter-loosening.

However, the game is particularly difficult. This fact is not helped by the rather odd dual analogue stick control design which makes it extremely frustrating when you're being mauled by an alien or attempting in vain to outrun a facehugger. If I didn't love the Alien series and feel compelled to play the game for that reason, I would have probably got too frustrated with the difficulty and controls and given up. As it was.....i had to cheat to finish it.

Over all the frustration overwhelms the playability and there is no replayability even if you do manage to finish it. For hardcore Alien fans or hardcore gamers (who can overcome the difficulty) only. I would recommend if you want to play an Alien themed game, stick with the Alien vs Predator games for PC. The first of which was released around the same time as Resurrection and far out-ranks it.