Alien Rage. How unoriginal name.

User Rating: 1 | Alien Rage PC

This game is another generic FPS without any originality. Gameplay is your typical cod-clone, and the aesthetics are directly ripped off from Unreal series. The game is advertised as arcady. Then howcome a game that wants to be arcade, has ironsights, regenerating health, sprintburst and weaponlimit in it? Because the developers didn't have the guts to be different from Call of Duty. This is so sad that the developers don't have any real guts to not want to copy a Call of Duty gameplay.

This game has multiple different weapons and weaponlimit is there to ruin the whole fun. What again were these developers thinking when they made several different guns and decided to throw in a typical modern weaponlimit to prevent you from using them in the way you'd like to? I absolutely hate modern FPS and i'm not ashamed to admit it. I have never liked one and never will. Mainly because they are all dumbed down. The reason they are dumbed down is because gameconsoles controller with thumbsticks arent even close as precise as a PC mouse. This remains the problem. All FPS nowadays is essentially a console shooter because consoles simply cannot handle multiple weapons at once, non-regenerating health, fastpaced gameplay and no ironsights. They are all there because the gameconsole needs them. FPS was never meant to be played on consoles and this is the outcome. Skilless crap that isn't even remotely original.

This game is filled with some chesthigh covers in every place. Now obviously it will have chesthigh walls in every place as long as regenerating health is in a game. Covershoot without health regeneration would be too hard for most people. Again has to with the dumbing down factor. Enemies are ok modelled but they are very repeative. There are multiple different enemies sure, but they are actually the one and same with only a different weapon. Minus the few bossfights.

True Arcade FPS has levels without invisible walls, gameplay without annoying cutscenes, weapons allowed to be carried all at once, shooting mechanic that does not use ironsights, levels that don't have Quick Time Events, levels that aren't filled with chesthigh walls. Ability to run and shoot and not be so that if you run, your shooting is disabled. Ability to jump for real because an Arcade FPS with kneehigh jump is the joke of a century.

Overall this game is what is. The hard truth remains that no one cares, asks after, or misses this game after 10 years. It will be completely forgotten whereas people still play the original 1993 DooM even after 20 years.