One of the best side-scrolling adventure games for the SNES.

User Rating: 9 | Alien 3 SNES
“Alien 3” was one of the best side-scrolling adventure games for the SNES. It didn’t really follow the events of the film “Alien 3,” but instead seemed more akin to “Aliens,” due to the sheer number of aliens that inhabited the game.

The player controlled Ripley, who was equipped with a pulse rifle, grenade launcher, and flame thrower which would be utilized to dispatch literally endless hordes of aliens and facehuggers; fortunately plenty of ammo was available throughout the game for just such a task.

The levels were repetitive, as Ripley had basically the same tasks to accomplish in each level (rescue humans, repair machines, or destroy alien eggs), but the gameplay was so much fun, and the music and sound effects (facehuggers screaming as rounds from the pulse rifle tore through them) so engaging that the repetitiveness really didn’t matter. The levels were very long and involved; fortunately a password feature was available at the end of each level to save progress.

My greatest disappointment with this game was that the climax was not impressive; definitely a letdown after such a fantastic game.