A crappy movie makes a pretty good game.

User Rating: 8 | Alien 3 SNES
Alien 3 wasn't that great. I mean, I've seen worse movies. But I've seen a whole lot of better movies too. The same works inversely for this game. I've played better games, but I've played a whole lot of worse games too.

This game is kind of an oddball in that it actually works as a movie licensed game. It's pretty fun despite a few flaws. And when this baby came out on the SNES, it was kind of an eye opener.

First of all the gameplay was pretty different when I played it as a kid. Instead of a linear game where I had to follow objectives in the order they were presented to me. I got to go to a console and pick which missions I wanted, in whatever order I wanted. Of course there were aliens crawling all over the place, but thank God I was able to say..."hold on guys, I know you're blood thirsty aliens looking to kill me, but I need to check this unharmed computer console in the middle of your nest so it can tell me exactly what I need to do in order to kill you". Luckily, the aliens were nice enough to oblige.

The animation is really full of life as you make your way through a maze of tunnels and passages to carry out your missions, which usually include fixing something the aliens broke, saving people from aliens, sealing off doors from aliens, killing queen aliens, and dying from lack of ammo and health, and more aliens (my favorite missions).

It's actually pretty fun to go around killing hordes of little face huggers and different types of Aliens...you have a plethora of different weapons to pick up...and each one is effective in a different manner. The game gets progressively tougher the further you get into it...mostly because the amount of health packs and weapons diminishes greatly. So yes, there will be a point when you are screaming at your game like a madman.

All in all though, the game is a blast. Watching organisms blow up when you shoot them is a load of fun and controlling a bald Sigourny Weaver is hysterical in it's own right. So if you were disappointed by the Alien 3 movie, and want some retribution for it, check out this game. If you really liked the movie however, then you may very well be a horrible person and don't deserve to play this game.