A total bore-fest

User Rating: 1 | Alien 3 GB
You start out the game battling facehuggers with a cattle prod. You eventually get a gun which makes the facehuggers more easy to kill and the Xenomorphs fightable. The problem is, there appears to be more Aliens than ammo and weapons on the game. This game seems to suffer from the same thing Dino Crisis does...when you run out of ammo (which is very easy to do), you're sh!t out of luck! The other main problem with this game, there aren't any clues on where your suppose to go and how you're suppose to get there on its massive map. Apparently, no one made a strategy guide for this game and its release was prior the good ole' days of online walkthroughs. Both of these factors make the game very difficult to play. After killing a few face huggers, you basically have to go looking for the Xenomorphs because in the areas early on in the game, they are no where to be seen.

My Breakdown:

What's Good:

- The Aliens are all pretty authentic looking
- Guns do work well when you're able to find them and while they last

What's Not-So-Good:

- The human sprites. Seriously, I could have drawn better looking stick figures when I was 8

What bad:

- Basically, having to go look for "trouble" to get any action out of the game
- No direction on where to go on the map
- Weapons do not last very long while enemies respawn after killing them

In all, the bad definately out weighs the good on this one...by a long shot. So much so, it makes the game completely unenjoyable to play.