Contra this is not

User Rating: 5.5 | Alien 3 GEN
Playing thing game again I gave it more of a chance. Alien 3 basically has 3 missions either rescue prisoners, kill all the aliens, or just get out. Level desgien is uninteresting, and theres a strict time limit that restricts exploring which is needed for success. Aliens come out of no were with little warning but your radar. They deal heavy damage and some times can knock you down then knock you down again down as you get up. Being thrown around will happen also. If it goes out your screwed. There are some cool weapons to use like the machine gun, flame thrower, grenade launcher, and a grenade . Each has it's time to use it and the control is decent but there are times were you can not hit an alien and your gonna take damage. The mane killer of this game is that it failles to tell you were to exit after you rescue all the prisoners. With little time and little health it can be enough to make some gamers quit. It's not a nice leanth to it but when it's all just irritating that doesn't matter. Good effort not so good game.