its nice

User Rating: 8.6 | Alcahest SNES
this game got a nice gameplay thingy its quite good and a nice action watever i can really remember as it got thrashed so i gess this is the end of my review dont carry on reading from here as it will be gibberish it is not part of my review your wondering why i have to do that the answer cuz i cant post it as i have to put in a bit more words nds fdj j sflks j fjdskl ffj iejf slhf gshfshfs hjfdohs dsh fshdsfdh slhf skh fjsf hdshf kshfsdh fsh fshf shf s,hfshf sjhfsh shf s;kdhf skh fs;jh fs;jh hjf;jsh f;sh fskjdh fsjh