On top of that they steam banning rs gold sellers witch is exactly what they do

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They make a big deal out of what they do them selves witch makes the game and company look bad. its because players like me invested over 1k hours on this game and then they removed the wildy we still played they updated to rs 3 almost al oldschool players stoped after some time they gave us rs07 back and guess what they deleted al our hours of gameplay now we are grown ups we have to work family kids... to take care of but we still love rs but investing 1k hour + in this game again nope never gona heapen maybe if we are 70 years or something **** jayex and **** RS this game will die within 5-7 years over 2mil online players now they got 50k... just a joke. mabey 3 years ago i did botting on my main went to 98 woodcutting 92 attack 98 str 90 defence and was never banned haha can still play on live but now days it seems they are more aggressiv vs bot reported players.

Everything that is donated into the well has a value in gold. Runescape Gold , old school runescape gold, RS Account for Player auction 2007runescapegold.com is PCs gold server. The amount of coins that are in the well at the end of the "donation" period represents an amount of REAL money. Pounds, dollars, that stuff. That amount is then donated by jagex to charity. which means that runescape players can donate to charity using coins. Which is pretty cool. Jagex does not keep any of it. In fact, the money that is donated comes from jagex themselves. People who bot are noobs they'll never keep great stuff on them..that's why they do it. They don't keep everything on those accounts real bots troll you. Make you feel like you have a purpose, it'll never stop, and they always get away. I miss the old runescape and the way their old team did things. instead of they're doing this middle school shit, exploiting bots, and showing off like they're making the cooler. Lame! They're just going to bot again just different i.p.

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