Why should I play 3 times the same area?

User Rating: 7 | Alan Wake's American Nightmare PC
Enjoy your read.

I've picked this game for many reasons, one of which was the great joy I had with the original Alan Wake. The story, the game-play everything was great.
So I've started new American Nightmare. Everything looks familiar the environment, the voice acting.

The action starts right away. You just happen to pick up a gun and there you go, enemies!!! Flash them and shoot.

The game add new weapons, and sometimes they are pointless, like the scoped rifle. Any one who played Alan Wake will know that the combat occurs in close range. Any Ideas to why should I carry a sniper rifle?
On the other hand I found an M16 and a machine gun. Oh boy...

After 10 minutes I had a handful of batteries for my flashlight and an arsenal of weapons that wouldn't disappoint even The Taliban's army. Each encounter became rather easy, I didn't even looked at how much batteries or ammo I've left in a combat and my M16 had the job done.

The game introduces some new enemies which are cool except of the spiders. I don't know, I didn't liked them. They don't fear light and coming in packs, those bastards. I just ran from them.

The first hour of the game-play was fun and then the NIGHTMARE began. There are 4 areas in this game and once you reach the 4th area the story brings you back to the start point of the game... like a rewind. So you play once again in the same 4 areas. The one thing that changes is that enemies appear in slightly different places and the time in each area you spend becomes shorter.
So once again I've reached the same last area and guess what happens next?
Yep, I was sent back to the start. Then I knew for sure why this game was called Nightmare.
This is the last time the game sends you back. Then next time you will beat the game.

Very Disappointed with this one. I beat the game in about 2-3 hours.

You can always explore a little more but seriously, what's the point where you have plenty of ammo and a M16?

Hope you enjoyed :)