Bite size Alan wake is juicy and delicious.... but I wanted a main course :(

User Rating: 8.5 | Alan Wake's American Nightmare X360
So this is for lack of a better term, "bite sized" Alan wake, which for me is the main problem. There's not much wrong with it, it's just I can't help but feel a full blown retail version should have been made, some weird design choices doesn't help either but let's break down the reasons why I feel this is still a must download.

Gameplay: You played the first? Well you know what to expect here, brilliant pacing, love the enemies (new enemies especially), love the combat, hate the constant back tracking. I get it, they probably didn't have much time to get it out the door and to be honest they where really clever with the story writing and their whits show with character names yet again (mr. Scratch to represent "starting from scratch", classic remedy) but the game is noticeably empty. Seriously, where is everything?? One person in each town is really stretching things thin and the fetch missions just made it very obvious I was wasting my time to make up fake gameplay hours.

Graphics: Noticable improvements on the first, all the characters still suffer from horrible botox and lip collegian jobs though (it's 2012 remedy, this is inexcusable), over a very pretty game that is very technically proficient.

Story: Very good, personally I think this is remedy's sharpest suite, no spoilers so no details but if you enjoyed the first you'll like this, one gripe, main characters are interesting npc's are not, which is even more inexcusable considering their only 3 of them.

Overall: this is a solid game any fan of the original would love, it's a lovely entre but where's the meat man??