It's not as good as the first one....

User Rating: 7 | Alan Wake's American Nightmare PC
I was thrilled by the first one, but this one is not as good as the other one, though it has some philosophic concepts, like the time loop where our writer friend is caught up. Basically you have to escape this time loop and regain your wife. Mr. Scratch, your evil self, wants to take your life as well as your wife. In order to escape the Darkness he brings to this world you have to repeat thrice the same actions, better and better, to bring him down. There are, of course, manuscript pages scattered all over the world. You should read them to get the story. The enemies are too easily brought down. You have have plenty of ammunition and you have to collect as many manuscript pages as possible to unlock different weapons.
Overall it's a good game, not a great one and the main drawbacks are its shortness and easiness.