A bad add-on to a good game.

User Rating: 5.5 | Alan Wake's American Nightmare PC
Alan Wake's American Nightmare takes place after the original game. You are in Arizona and need to defeat Mr. Grinch, who is in fact your double. He uses your identity to be you in the real life. He has both your life, and your wife. You need to find a way to stop him.

If you have not played the original game, I recommend you to at least read the wiki to understand the story. It is very weird, and you will be more implied in the story if you already know the characters and why you are in this world.

The combat mechanism is exactly the same than in Alan Wake. I played the original game on the Xbox 360. I used my controller to play this game on PC, and the controls did not change a bit. You will be familiar in few seconds with them.

The atmosphere is quite the same than in Alan Wake. However, there is a lot more ammo. There are ammo caches everywhere and they regenerate by themselves. You will never need to run away for your life. The difficulty is also a problem. If you are used to these types of games, play it on hard. The medium difficulty gives no challenge. I think that I died only once throughout the game. It takes few hours to complete it, that said you will play the game 3 times! I will not tell more about this, but that is the main downside of this game. I would have like more to play a shorter game than a fake long one.

The graphics and sound is good. It has not change from the previous game though.

There is a challenge mode in which you have to survive the longer you can. That does not really interest me, so I will not speak of it here. I do not find it valuable.

Because that the game has been lengthen artificially, I cannot really recommend it. The survival feeling that you got in Alan Wake has been lost with the many ammo caches that can be found throughout the game. If you really want to know what happens after the original game, I would recommend you to read the wiki on it, that would save you precious time.