Quite a big name to it, but not good enough for me.

User Rating: 7 | Alan Wake's American Nightmare X360
Somewhat limited in terms of gameplay, the visual graphics is quite standard and the sound was quite original but the overall is kind of repetitive and disappointing. I'd still like a remake or sequel. The developers must have expected a singular gaming experience by everyone(which we agree is not possible) If you're eager to finish the game, don't play it before you've tried the best game in your opinion, you really have to take your time with this one to enjoy it. I would expect something of this caliber from the microsoft studios next time unless they make big changes in the future. If you're wondering about its genre, it does do justice to other arcade games. The action seems like an unfinished work and the trailer looked a bit too promising than it actually is. Please spend more time and care making games next time.