Waiting since its first announcement ......it finally came.......and its worth it !

User Rating: 10 | Alan Wake PC
I simply can't imagine how the writers felt when they first started crafting this masterpiece. Alan Wake is not just a game, its like you are in a horror/drama TV show, its like Lost and Twin Peaks altogether, its so many things tied up with wonderful mythology, an experience that will taunt your dreams and leave you begging for more.
Its not just a port, its a game made with love and made the way it was always meant to be, the PC way. You will find yourself immersed into the story in its very beginning. Its like a Chris Nolan movie, it draws you in right from the start. You will play as Alan Wake, a famous writer that takes his wife in Bright Falls for a vacation, an as you all know turns out quite bad for them. The horrors that Alan wrote in a book are coming to life. Trust me, you'll never find a dull moment from start to finish of you journey through Bright Falls, an incredible story arc that is uneven and unmatched for any game out there.Not to mention its mesmerizing environments, especially if you have a strong PC to run it. The game-play is robust and strong, the sound will be imprinted in your head for quite some time, as well as the soundtrack. Remedy Entertainment has given us a game that I think is something special and breeds in its own unique way.
Alan Wake really can't be described, so go buy it on Steam, its an experience that must be lived through, like a TV show that you can' wait for the next episode to come, once you touch this game, it grabs you in and you just can't let go of it.