Why thank you, Remedy, pun intended.

User Rating: 9 | Alan Wake PC
Ok I've played the Xbox version back when the game first came out.

So I will give my first impression of the game on PC as well as a short review on the game.

Finally we are able to play on a mouse and keyboard. The sensitivity is pretty insane and smooth although the auto-aim from the xbox version still remains.

The video settings have been optimized. They are as follows:

Graphic Quality
FXAA Quality
Antisotropic Filtering
Shadow Quality
SSAO Quality
Backdrop Quality
Godray Quality
Volumetric Light Quality
Draw Distance

Need I say more? The game is pretty demanding though so stay clear, I was able to get 35-50 FPS on my rig. Double check the STEAM requirements if you plan on playing with full graphics.

Also, apparently, if you buy the game before February 23, you get the Collector's edition complete with the two DLC packs (which were so-so on Xbox), minus the American Nightmare DLC, the art book, the game developer commentary and videos and soundtrack m. All for the price of 30 bucks.

In general, the original engine created by Remedy which is supported by the Havoc engine is pretty neat. The physics is worked out, the lighting is vibrant, the distant fog is pretty volumetric, the textures are smooth and realistic although the face characters and face expressions can get quite silly and not fully be fleshed out.

As for the gameplay, well, I am finally able to easily avoid getting hit in the head with hammers, axes, crowbars and other similar household items. I am able to do so because I can finally evade successfully, something that I was not able to fully master on a controller, which is not the fault of the controller but my own. The taken (your foes) are still able to outrun you and surround you constantly so the game constantly forces you to fight back with vigor. You cannot jump high, which is realistic and you get tired faster than in any other game. Three hits to the head on Hard mode and you are dead. There are no med-kits so you recover health by being illuminated by light, any light.

Anyway, by this time I assume most people have heard what the game is about so I'll spare further reading. You are a writer who shows signs of his waning ability to write successfully. He decides to go to a resort to attempt to mentally recover however he soon discovers that there is some kind of battle going on between the malevolent and the benevolent forces in the area. Later on, he starts to doubt his sanity and goes on a quest to find out what really is going on. By the end of the game I personally still had no idea what happened. The DLC's did not help to solve the story either. Anyway it's a nice attempt at creating a somewhat vague story on behalf of the developers but I still had no idea wtf happened.

The game is filled with Easter eggs, reference to other icons of American pop culture, miscellaneous videos, paradoxes, logical dilemmas, etc.

In the end, let us all thank Microsoft for postponing this game for as long as possible for us humble PC folk, so we could buy their xbox instead. My hat goes off to those who resisted and waited.

Now for that Red Dead Redemption game....