Incredible Atmosphere and Detail makes Alan Wake a fine title for the Xbox 360.

User Rating: 9 | Alan Wake X360
So many games have tried to bring a new idea to the table of video games. We have plenty of games in the adventure categories, but out of them all, I choose Alan Wake. Remedy have successfully pulled off in making Bright Falls, giving it a sense of loneliness, creepiness and probably one of the creepiest atmospheres in gaming history. I'll break down this review into sub-categories:

Story: I won't try to spoil anything, just give you a few hints about this incredible game's plot. Alan Wake, an author with writer's block, is longing to escape from his career and just be with his wife. That's when Alice brings the couple to Bright Falls, a small mountain town, to escape the stresses of the city life. Though Bright Falls in not all what it seems...

Characters: Alan Wake, the troubled author, has a real attitude. He looks gloomy, sometimes depressed, even when his wife tries to cheer things up. Alan Wake is great character, you can feel his anger sometimes. Alice wants Alan to continue his writing, but Alan resists. Barry Wheeler is a typical city man, bulldozing his way through life. He has the same character as any insurance dealer/business man making him the comical guy, who brings a nice wave of relief after being attacked by possessed town's people.

Graphics: Bright Falls looks great, telling you that Remedy put tonnes of work into this title. The bushes move when you pass through, the shadowing is fantastic, and it has some great cinematic moments as well. Whenever you dodge an attack with the ever so satisfying dodge system, it goes in slow motion, just like you would see in any action movie. This also occurs when some enemies come.

Soundtrack: The soundtrack is good, of course. The screeching sounds when a threat emerges to the awesome music that makes you feel as your heart is beating. It is not the most notable soundtrack, and could not compare to the greats, like Halo, but is defiantly well thought out, and will keep you on your toes. It also has some licensed songs, that after every chapter will play in a sitcom style. It has Bon Jovi, to some artists that I wouldnt have a clue about. You might know some of these tracks.'

Gameplay: The combat in Alan Wake is surprisingly good, with the shine and shoot system. The idea is to boost your torch onto your enemy, ridding them of the darkness. Then you must destroy them with a weapon. It's simple, and satisfying. The dodge system is great as well. Dodging an enemy's swing leads to a slow motion moment. What fun!

Favorite Aspect: I love how if you take a look around, you'll discover a whole new world to get lost in. The objective may be over there, but if you take your time, you will discover secrets like T.V shows, coffee thermos, manuscript pages, things on the radio, signs to give you a back story of Bright Falls and more. So, if you buy this, please just take your time.

The Bad Side: Voice acting is terrible. Alan sometimes doesn't even sound convincing sometimes. The lip syncing is bad as well, it's like their mouths just stay open and the words just drone out. Barry is terrific though, except for the syncing.

So Alan Wake is a great game, excellent extras, awesome story and atmosphere and I recommend it to anyone 13 and older who loves a game that will suck them in. 9/10

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