[9.0/10] a Game that both unique and fun with thrilling and epic Storyline.

User Rating: 9 | Alan Wake X360
Nou doubt that Alan Wake is Great game the Atmosphere is over the Top the gameplay and the combat solid and strong and the Sound and Voice Acting are definitly amazing !!!
in this game you play as Famous Writer named Alan Wake who went to a holiday with his wife and lost her after moving into their house !!!

-- The Details --

* Visuals - 95/100
Remedy have done great things with Alan Wake's setting, creating a wide-open and varied environment with suitably impressive character models. Throw in some fantastic lighting effects and the only mark against the score is the obvious sub-720p visuals at various points in certain cutscenes, and the Atmosphere is Over The Top !!!!

* Gameplay - 95/100
Simplistic controls with a fairly limited subset of weapons. It does what it sets out to do superbly though, and that's to weave the perfectly manageable and jumpy gameplay into the strong story. Pack some fresh pants for this one.

* Sound - 90/100
Superb line-up of licensed music, a chilling musical score and a sterling job from the game's voice actors. Terrible lip syncing though. Bad job Remedy, lose 10 points for that one and go directly to jail. Next time make a better job !

* Story - 100/100
Quite easily one of the greatest stories of this generation with more twists and turns than a Curly Wurly. The ending is a head-scratcher whic i didnt liked so much, but there are some definite jaw-dropping moments along the way. The episodic TV series style delivery suits the game perfectly. The only problem that i didnt liked about the story - Short !!!

Other than that Alan Wake is one of the best games i Played This Year and i will definitly recommend this game for a horror games fans

Alan Wake gets an Outstanding 9/10