Alan Wake is technological masterpiece but lacks climax and truly unforgettable moments...

User Rating: 7.5 | Alan Wake X360
I have been waiting for Alan Wake for a long time and as a psychological thriller fan I truly had high expectations for it. For the amount of time the developers had to design this game, I found it a great technological experience, but the lack of climactic moments left a bitter taste in the end.

For me story is the most important factor in a game. Coincidentally enough, I am also a fan of Steven King, so playing through Alan Wake felt strangely familiar. It uses a lot of references from the author's works, so I felt like I knew what was coming ahead. The story revolved around a writer named Alan Wake, who, after his wife is abducted, sets out on a journey to find her. Maybe the fact that I had read a similar context before, I found it very hard to find any cliffhangers, epic moments or climactic adventures. I played Deadly Premonition right before Alan Wake came out and I tell you Alan Wake's story felt like a "child's play", compared to Deadly Premonition's.. 7/10

The graphical presentation of Alan Wake is outstanding. The developers did their best to offer high-quality textures and visual effects and vistas. The game looks amazing! 10/10

Sound/Voice Acting
The soundtrack is good as well, consisting of ambient sounds and a nice choice of contemporary tracks with vocals. Voice acting is very good as well. 8/10

Alan Wake is a third person adventure game, with shooting mechanics. The groundbreaking gameplay comes from the fact of using Alan's flashlight and other sources of light. To defeat the dark forces, one has to first "burn" them with light and then use regular, standard arsenal. Other than that, it is pretty much a standard adventure game gameplay. Controls are decent and very responsive. 8/10

I have to be honest here by saying that Alan Wake is a great technological masterpiece, but the lack of climax in the story killed the expectations for me. Compared to the mature and unique storyline that Deadly Premonition provided me a week before Alan Wake came out, I felt all, but pleased with it. If you are a fan of graphics and are not familiar with Stephen King's work, then you would enjoy it for sure. But if you want a better story and longevity, go with Deadly Premonition. 7.5/10