an new entry in the horror genre ,

User Rating: 9 | Alan Wake PC
this game is is one hell of a surprise, i bought this as an exrental,thought it would pass the time and it did ,it took my whole time lol,the character and storyline takes you and also the look and feel is great ,plus the game itself is sort of like a tv show as each chapter ends it recaps what happened in the previous one,which i thought was cool,the enemy in the game cant stand the light so you need a torch or flares ,there also gun play but light is your friend,you character is an author on holiday with his wife ,who disapears in the small town your staying at ,you keep getting these eerriy visions and you must find your wife when the town suffers a blackout all hell breaks loose crazy things start to happen and some of the loacals arent as friendly anymore thats when your torch and gun come handy ,taking out the the enemy is fun and the psychiscs of the game work well the envioroment and sound works great to ,i know its not much of a review i just wanted to say i really enjoyed this game hell i might even download the new one on xbl lol,