Alan Wake is a fun, awesome new game that uses a new way to destroy enemies: light. A great, creative game.

User Rating: 8 | Alan Wake PC
When I first got Alan Wake, I was weary about the game. I thought, it's a guy with a flashlight? All I needed was an hour and I was hooked. The storyline is great, and keeps you sucked in from beginning to end. I love the episodic form the game uses, and at the beginning of each episode, it recaps the past episode. The gameplay was great, but you do have to scavenge if you want to survive. Bullets go very fast. Always search through the forest. I faced that dilemma shortly after I started the game. The controls are pretty simple, but are harder to pick back up after you haven't played for a while. The music and sound effects are great, and makes the game even better. As for thrills, your heart starts to race as enemies come flying out of nowhere. This is not a game to rush through. The graphics are not the best I've seen, but still very good. The characters are very good, each with their own part in the story. The scenery for the game is amazing. Sometimes, you just want to stop playing and look at the mountains in the distance. The weapons are very creative in the game, with common weapons like pistols, to items worth more than gold like flare guns. Overall, Alan Wake is a story that hooks you right from the beginning, keeps you there with great music and a fantastic plot, and leaves you at the end satisfied and wanting more.