Alan Wake, one of my favorite games of all time. I'll have a pleasure reviewing this.

User Rating: 9.5 | Alan Wake X360
"Alan Wake", this game had amazed me the second I saw it on television. The story is so highly developed you need to play it 5 times or more to grasp the mind of Alan. I'm a huge Remedy fan and when I heard about this project of "Alan Wake." I was doubtful, then when it hit the stores I waited for the price to slim down then purchased it. Alan has took me on a journey since the day it came out. Played it guess is like million hours. That game has touched me very profoundly inside me. The nightmarish atmosphere with engaging characters and jaw dropping plot twists. The collectibles had it me coming back so did the flawless storytelling and it had me glued to my chair. From the grass in Bright Falls to the dirt of the Trailer Park then to the Cauldron Lake. I was captivated by every manuscript page I found, the death of the taken, and the engulfing darkness. The facial expressions needed adjustments and there needed to be little more of exploring like going back to previous places without exiting and starting it all over again. 3rd Person shooters is my favorite and I'm proud of Remedy Entertainment. Being a huge fan of Ilkka Villi, and Finland attracted me more towards Alan. It has a huge writing mentality and if you are not a fan of novels or of writing. You might not have the same emotions I have for it, still it's definitely worth 20$. To my own personal opinion it's worth twice that.

Yours Truly,