Amazing game but not entirelly

User Rating: 8.5 | Alan Wake X360
when i bought this game , i did because it was cheap . ok i said it , but it´s true . i strted playing it with no great expectations , but what a suprisse , i loved it.
The story is amazing , better than most movies and tv shows, we really can feel the horror and suspense Remedy intended for this game. Graphically is superb . Ok not Last of us superb or gears superb , but superb anyway.
Now the gameplay , it´s great , similar to resi evil , but with a more" realistic" feel , it all feels right ... minus running , it´s a little hard but othing serious .
Now the downsize : the ending , it feels abrupt , awaiting a dlc or something but don´t let that stop you from getting one of the great games of the current generation. If you like survival horror / thrillers , this is the game for YOU.