A smaller review pointing out main characteristics.

User Rating: 6.5 | Alan Wake PC
Even in it's foremost attributes doesn't it get really close to any of the most remarkable games (of these attributes).

For people who like exciting creative storytelling and adventures, the game gets increasingly boring while moving ahead to the end. Storytelling appears the have only one point: putting emphasis on how unbelievable is what happens. The game baths in combats with the takens (local people possessed by dark forces) taking away every drop of excitement and enhancement of tensity.

For people who like challenging gameplay with various foes and stages, the game must seem like something that doesn't get anywhere. It keeps sending the same familiar takens and possessed objects in the same old cloudy forest of Bright Falls - of course every time at night because of the nature of these creatures. The fact of that the game tries to stick to reality in some elements only results in a very small armory and after a while very easy combats with a poor lineup of reappearing foes.

If only graphics would be consistently good, but character animations kill the soul of the actually unbelievably picturesquely created world.

In sum, Alan Wake (though he is a writer) won't write history with this game for the reason even looking it's virtues is it strongly overwhelmed by other fantastic games.