Very innovative gameplay,the story feels like reaading a novel but it feels a little repetitive.

User Rating: 8 | Alan Wake PC
This game takes you by surprise if you mistake it with an adventurous/thriller game.Well I thought it to be a Sherlock game but it is a horror,thriller,action game unlike any that I have played.
The story seems to be freshly baked out of a really good novel and clearly the developers wanted the gamers to feel that way.You don the role of Alan Wake a famous writer who is well-known for his supernatural bestselling series of novels.But that was until 2 years ago and he hasn't been able to write ever since.He is disturbed by his nightmares and he decides to spend a vacation away with his wife in a remote hilly town of Bright falls.But the place has a dark secret to it and soon he finds out he doesn't remember an entire week and night is just not the time to hang around in Bright Falls.However the happenings follow a strange series of sequence as described by some manuscripts that he discovers on his way.Who wrote these manuscripts and Where is his wife Alice?and so his adventure or to speak horror begins.
The game play may feel a bit different for a third person view as the crosshair is in turn replaced by your flashlight which you can use to momentarily blind your enemies known as taken.The enemies are surrounded by dark presence which acts as their shield but only light can harm them.You come across different types of guns such as revolver,a shotgun hunting rifle etc.But clearly the weapon of mass destruction and my personal favourites are Flare guns and Flashbangs which in comparison to an action game are like bazookas and grenades.You get the hang of it real quick.There are many spooky events throughout the game like when you start the generator of a street lamp just in time to save yourself from a hoard of takens.However like many other horror games you become hardened from these horrors at the end of the game.
It is my advice that you play the special part chapters or so to speak DLC's if you didn't quite get the end part and want more.All in all it is a great game with some amazing in-game moments and high quality graphics.Developed by Remedy studios and published by Microsoft it is definitely worth your time.