Great game. If you like a good thriller, give it a try.

User Rating: 9 | Alan Wake PC
This games brings you some chills upon your spine and your hairs upright. The story is focused on a writer, Alan Wake, who tries to find his wife in the town where he's just arrived to, Bright Falls. There are some twists in the plot and I won't tell them to you because I don't to spoil your pleasure. The Darkness took her and engulfs everything and Alan Wake must face it. The Taken, the ones possessed by it, throw themselves in his path and do everything in their power to stop him finding the truth. There are some moments when the the player gets cornered and the enemies rush into you. But the light saves you every time. The light is your checkpoint, the flares and flash bombs are your best friends. You have to do whatever you can to get into the light.
The graphics is astonishing, the Bright Falls area looks great and the forests are really creepy when the Darkness approaches. The music looks entertaining enough. The came is flawless. I never had any problem with the controls. The cinematics are enthralling.