New approach to story telling, but still something of an fps

User Rating: 7 | Alan Wake PC
I have mixed feelings about this game. I just played it this week. I got a couple of "episodes" into it and was not feeling it. The combat just wasn't really working for me. Instead of dumping it, I did something I don't normally do until after I beat a game...I found a trainer. Once I had the training and could focus on the story of the game and not the fighting I actually starting liking it. By being able to just experience the story and not have to worry about the other I began to get drawn into the story and it kept my attention right up until the very end. I don't think there was necessarily anything wrong with the combat system, it just wasn't working for me for some reason. However, the game itself is definitely a new feel, and it's not just the same old story rehashed with a new coat of paint and different setting. The thought of Alan Wake living out the horror of a story he's already written, but which he has no memory of is very interesting. I found myself becoming attached to Wake's mission of trying to save his wife from the dark evil that haunts the story as it's antagonist. I also find myself curious as to what's in store for Wake in the future. The story ends in such a manner as to leave you asking, "What happens next?" I am intruiqued as to what Remedy has in store for Mr. Wake.