Where the fudge was the reality???

User Rating: 8 | Alan Wake PC

I actually thought this was a detective game from the cover and not shooter- but i guess it was worth it.

Story: I'm not actually sure if i am satisfied with the story- sure it had a potential story line at first- but messing with it too much seems to have ruined it. There was romance in it- and it evoked how actually a person should feel about a delusional person(in this case Alan Wake) and his fight between light and darkness. The story was pretty messed up and i actually played the game to see how it ends- but i'll wager everything on this-but it deserved a more satisfying ending even if it's a horror game. And in the end you are very much confounded with confusion that you don't know what to think.At least that's how I felt

Gameplay: There were average puzzles in the game- they were easy. I liked the fact that light brings us help. The representation and voice acting is awesome- i thought it was annoying that you have to always "light" or "shine" your enemies before shooting them-but it still gave a challenge. Were there any bosses? If there were I'm dissatisfied. Come on guys fighting huge Harvesters and barrels isn't something to be proud of lol. But that doesn't mean it's easy either.I also really loved collecting Coffee Thermos and manuscripts- it's cool that the bonus items can be found by following messages by an unknown entity. There was an awesome battle which was one of the best battles i've ever played in my life-with epic music: YEAH!!

This a horror game-but horror exists at night- that leaves the player for a breather to gather himself up for the next nightmare which i strongly appreciate. There were TV shows and radio sessions which you need to search for and i watched them all without fail. All elements made the player doubt about the reality-everything was like a dream from the start and a dream til the end.

I also am very much thankful for the creators for giving us some companions for support in this nightmare. You got one? No two- to be alongside with you at some locations.

Improvements: The story can be revised a bit- and it would have given more sense to the game. And i guess making the bosses a bit unique would have been fine other than that no complains.

Overall: The game was worth buying- it was great to be honest. Well i'd play the next instalment since i'm pretty much interested with the story still. This one was not that scary-but it was indeed creepy. I developed hatred towards my protagonist- which on usual terms i usually side and support him in to the end. Remember this one will fudge with your mind to the core. A must-play for horror gamers regardless of everything of course.