when will they announce a sequel to alan wake?(not including american nightmare)

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I have this game and in my opinion this is an amazing game. I know that at the end of "the writer" Alan Wake started writing a new manuscript; titled "return". So 100% we all know that there will be a sequel, but we don't know when. i think it's been like 2 years since "the writer" came out, so when will they actually announce a sequel?
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There is no indication that a Alan Wake 2 is in production. It's a shame that it isn't....I would love to pick up where the last game ended.

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i think i remember hearing that remedy was working on a next gen game........they didnt announce it was alan wake, but hopefully......i liked american nightmare, but i almost just wish they took the time they put into that and just worked on a sequal.......and this time they should try and find a date when theres not another big game coming out because that ruined there sales a bit

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http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2012-02-14-remedy-discusses-alan-wake-2     this was the article if you want to look at it

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It would be great shame if the sequel is not announced, this is by far the only survival horror game genre that is on right now, other wise that genre is dead now. Have not tried American nightmare as i want to play the sequel first.

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Alan Wake 2 hasn't been offically confirmed but I'm sure the game will be released. American Nightmare was more of an experiment with XBLA, but i'm sure either another arcade alan wake game or fully fleged sequel will be coming out in the years to come.

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If you have played "American Nightmare" the end credits have a teaser alluding to Alan Wake. Sadly, they are moving onto other projects but I have a feeling they will go back to Alan Wake some day soon.
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Nah I mean the games production was really good but games like these dont typically turn out huge sales, the games visuals were awesoem but...I cant say I care for the whole using a flashlight as your weapon that is the only way to shoot the enemies...meh I never finished it I dont even remember how far I got, it just sorta got old, was fun for a bit though.

Dont expect a new one only if the first one turned out big enough profit will they make sequels.

However guys Hereo Kojima is making a new silent hill the playable teaser on the ps4 is freaky, however it's not showing what the game will actually look and play like just a clever way of telling us he is on the horror scene and masterfully done at that.

Not sure why I even bother posting no one here is a real member none of you participate in game discussions so...whatever.