Huge light problem...

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So, I just started playing Alan Wake, and I fell in love with the game from the first few minutes of playing. I had only played for 10 minutes, when the lighting in the game started to **** up. The screen keep getting black, and I can't see anything. It stays like that for a few seconds, and then goes back to normal. Just one minute after, it all happens again. That is not the only problem. The screen also flashes green, red and blue. Just dots of those colors are there all the time, blocking my view. This is so annoying, cause I keep dying, not being able to see. I have tried almost anything. Anyone got an solution?
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Sorry to hear that..


Well it could be a few things..

- It could be your console (but if this doesn't happen with other games, then probably not)

- Maybe it's a faulty disc?

- It could even be the tv itself or the video plugs may not be plugged in properly.


Other than those suggestions, I don't really know. Sorry..