Akai Katana Shin Cheats For Xbox 360

  1. Achievements

    Got hit by a bullet in Phantom form, and then died from another bullet immediately afterward. #^&@%&!
    Earned 100,000,000 points (Origin Mode). 100 Million and Counting
    Earned 128 hits (Origin Mode). 128 Hits!
    Earned 200,000,000 points (Origin Mode). 200 Million and Counting
    Earned 256 hits (Origin Mode). 256 Hits!
    Earned 400,000,000 points (Slash Mode). 400 Million and Counting
    Earned 600,000,000 points (Slash Mode). 600 Million and Counting
    Achieved a 6000 hit combo (Slash Mode). 6000 Hits
    Earned 800,000,000 points (Slash Mode). 800 Million and Counting
    Achieved a 9999 hit combo (Slash Mode). 9999 Hits
    Absorb items into your ship. Absorption Power
    Defeated the helicopter mid-boss in Stage 5. Armored Helicopter
    Sunk the Fujibara attack ship. Attack Ships on Fire
    Defeated Ayame & Ran. Ayame & Ran of the 10 Suns
    While in Phantom form, filled up the screen with more than 800 bullets. Back Against the Wall
    Rotated 72 guiding energy items (large) around your ship. Big Catch
    Defeated the Arakashi submarine in Stage 4. Breaching Submarine
    Reflected more than 1000 bullets while in Phantom form. Bullet-proof
    Lost more than 20 score items that were rotating around your ship during a game. Decay and Dissolution
    Earned 3000 hits (Slash Mode). Destroying the Limit
    Defeated Emperor Bashou. Emperor Bashou of the 10 Suns
    Filled up your energy gauge. Energy Gauge MAX
    Brought down the Himeshikara heavy attack helicopter. Heavy Attack Helicopter
    Defeated the 1st stage boss, Hiiragi. Hiiragi of the 10 Suns
    Hit a boss with 16 steel orbs. Katana of Justice
    Hit a boss with 16 katanas. Katana of Truth
    Cleared the game with the Type 1 ship. Learning Type 1
    Cleared the game with the Type 2 ship. Learning Type 2
    Cleared the game with the Type 3 ship. Learning Type 3
    Defeated the Goura heavy tank in Stage 2. M76 Heavy Tank
    Destroyed a mid-boss within 2 seconds. Malice Speed Destruction
    Cleared the game using Type 1 without continuing. Marigold
    Died from an enemy laser. Melted
    Defeated the 5th stage boss, Nazuna. Nazuna of the 10 Suns
    Started up the game for the first time. Opening Salvo
    Cleared the game using Type 2 without continuing. Orchid
    Cleared the game using Type 3 without continuing. Sakura
    Defeated the 3rd stage boss, Shakunage. Shakunage of the 10 Suns
    Cleared the game without summoning your Phantom. Sheer Grit
    Defeated the 2nd stage boss, Shumeigiku. Shumeigiku of the 10 Suns
    Summoned your Phantom. Summoning
    Defeated the Gaimon tank in Stage 3. Tank Bombardment
    Rotated over 200 score items (large) around your ship while playing as the Phantom. The Gold Ring
    Equipped a total of 16 katanas and 16 steel orbs on your Phantom. The Hidden Form
    Caused a boss to change forms, or destroyed it while playing as the Phantom. The Phantom
    Earned 300,000,000 points (Origin Mode). The Sharpened Blade
    Watched the true ending. The True Mission
    Died immediately after starting the game. UUUURRRRGGGH
    Defeated the 4th stage boss, War Fiend Hiiragi. War Fiend Hiiragi
    Deployed a bomb directly after starting the game. When in Doubt...Bomb!

    Contributed by: Guard Master