Fun, unique little game

User Rating: 8 | Airfix Dogfighter PC
In Airfix Dogfigher, you fly WWII model airplanes in and around the a house. You shoot other model planes, drop bombs on bases, destroy tanks, and even destroy various items around the house to grab power-ups.

You can play on the Axis or Allied sides. Both sides offer ten missions, so it's not a game that requires a lot of time to complete, but I found it fun as I went along. The missions get progressively difficult, so be prepared to repeat the final missions several times and try different tactics in order to beat them.

I think Airfix Dogfighter is a fun little arcade game worth trying if you're looking for something simple and fun. It's definitely not for those looking for a serious realistic simulator. I've played the game on my Vista laptop using a 1280x800 resolution without any problems and performance was great, after all, it's a ten year old game. A demo is available so you can always try it before you buy it.