Very good fantasy MMORPG centered on PvP mostly. It has PvE content as well. Very polished, fantastic GFX and mus

User Rating: 9.5 | AION PC
Being an old school MMORPG player I loved this one. Nothing really new to the genre but what it does, it does well. For me it is a refreshing experience.

Overall a bit harder than the other very popular game. And thats good. You wont be reaching max level cap in 1 week. Here you must work to earn things. Nothing is given to you for free, but when you get the stuff done, when you craft something awesome or you finally level that one more level...its so rewarding.
Tons of quests but you have to grind a lot as well. I am ok with that. If you want you can only grind to level.

Art direction, music, graphics and animations are top notch. Textures on characters and NPC s are high but some environment textures are lowered in order to gain performance on those huge battles going on. I think this is a good choice made by NCSoft.

Customization is amazing. You wont see 2 characters that look alike.

I liked the chain combat system. At start seems a bit repetitive but once you level enough and gain more and more skills and spells, it can involve some strategy on how and when you chain your skills.

In Aion you can´t pvp before level 25. Except the casual duel or entering the arena in the main city.
Once you hit 25 you can go to the Abyss, This is a HUGE area for open PvP. Castles and strategic points can be captured.
Also you have rifts. These are portals that randomly open and connect both world factions, so if you see one open you can go in with some friends and teleport to enemy territory. Some quests can be done behind enemy lines. Expect to gank and be ganked while rifting.

Sadly the game has been invaded by bots and gold spammers. Most of the gold spammers have been dealt with already but bots can be very annoying. I hope NCSoft can get rid of them soon.

An advice I can give if you want to try this game: Level at least to 25. This game really starts at 25. Before that it´s pretty linear. More like a tutorial.

I am having a blast in Aion and I recommend it. It´s a very good fantasy MMORPG.